Electrical Repairs Services in Kenya

Understating the importance of working with professional electrical repair services can help a homeowner avoid unnecessary pressure when facing an electrical problem.Electrical repairs involve various services ranging from checking the entire home electrical system to repairing the broken or faulty sockets.

What Electrical Services Are Available In Kenya

At Jambo Home Maintenance, we offer various electrical repair services you may need in your home, office, or industrial buildings. Here is a list of some of the services we offer;

  • Installation of an electrical system
  • Broken sockets repair
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Lighting and panel upgrades
  • Emergency electrical repair
  • Faulty lighting repair
  • AV installation and repair

Why You Should Choose a Professional Electrical Repair Services

Individuals are warned against attempting to make electrical repairs on their own. Common electrical mistakes for most home owners are working with unqualified electrical professionals or tying the many do-it-yourself videos and videos. The consequence is high costs accrued when the actual repairman comes to do their work. Here are the reasons why should work with a professional electrical repair service;

  1. Safety

Safety is important for your family,yourself, and your property. When hiring an unqualified electrician,you are risking safety which may create long-term hazards.  Jumbo home maintenance, we pride ourselves in safety first by ensuring our clients’ safety standards are upheld.

  1. Cost

Professional electrical repair services will save you time and cost in the long run.

  1. Education and certification

When hiring a qualified electrician, check their qualification to ascertain their qualification. Jumbo home maintenance electricians are well trained and certified to carry out any form of electrical repair. We guarantee standard and quality work.

Why Choose Jambo Home Maintenance for Your Electrical Repairs

Jambo Home Maintenance is a reputable firm offering quality repair services.So why choose us?

We offer quality repairs from our team of certified electricians who can undertake any form of electrical repair.

Fair pricing. Jambo home maintenance tries to align our services with fair pricing while maintaining standard work. You can get an estimate of our pricing from our customer service team.

We offer prompt electrical services that you can depend on.

Jumbo home maintenance will fix your electrical repair services right.


Bottom Line

Jumbo home maintenance is one of the esteemed electrical repair companies ensuring quality and standard repairs. Contact Us Today to get an estimate or let us know how we can help you.