Handyman Services in Kenya

Probably you are wondering what handyman services are? There is a wide range of services offered at your home, office, or any other place by a skilled individual in several areas, including maintenance skills, repair skills,and more

What is a list of services a handyman can offer?

A handyman offers a variety of services that you may require. And that is why they are often referred to as “jack of all trades.” Here is a list of just a few of the services you can get from a handy person in Kenya

  • Repair doors, windows, and more
  • Mould removal
  • Faucets repair
  • Pool cleaning
  • cabinet installation and repair
  • Drywall removal and painting
  • Blind installation and repairs
  • Welding
  • Appliances repairs
  • Assembling your furniture
  • Hanging of items in the house

Why using a professional handyman is important

  • Professional handyman has the technical skills and proficiency in their job description.
  • Guarantee to get the value of your money.
  •  It saves you time since the handyman will assist in your home repairs quickly.
  • Improved safety since a professional handyman knows all the hazards that may occur with a maintenance project.
  • A professional handyman is well equipped with the necessary tools for each repair or maintenance task that requires specific tools.
  • Professional handyman charges are less expensive and economical.

Why choose Jambo Home Maintenance for handyman services

  1. Reliability

When choosing a handyman service in Kenya,reliability is a critical consideration. At Jambo Home Maintenance, we strive to offer the best services that resolve the current issues and prevent any future problems that may arise.

  1. Well equipped, skilled, and knowledgeable

Our professional handymen team is well equipped with the required tools, skills, and knowledge specific to each job type.Be sure to get a team of skilled handymen offering efficient and excellent services.

  1. Free estimates

Feel free to contact our customer team for free estimates as we strive to meet your expectations about any tasks from the onset.

  1. Great customer care

Jambo home maintenance strives to improve the customer-provider relationship by ensuring our on-job and after-job rapport with our clients is top-notch. Our team of employees demonstrates excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Any of your concerns will be met with proper professionalism and understanding.

  Bottom Line

Jambo Home Maintenance is one of the best professional handyman service companies with a well-equipped, knowledgeable, and skilled team capable of undertaking any task. Please contact Jambo Home Maintenance today for any additional queries on how we can best help you and enjoy our quality services.